The Highways Agency welcomes the establishment of this new Federation. The Agency is supportive of any Federation whose Aims and Objectives are to improve Health and Safety, encourage continuous improvement and raise performance standards across the industry.

As a key client,the Agency also recognises the value that can be acheived through regular liasion with Federations and Associations that represent a significant number of suppliers.

Ginny Clarke, Network Services Board Director, Highways Agency

Hanson Contracting is [pleased to endorse the Aims and Objectives of the FPC.The need for specialist companies to have representation in construction has never been more acute.It is vital that companies are kept abreast of all new legislation particularly relating to Health and Safety and that they take a consistent approach to this issue.Providing confidence to the Principal contractor on any project that they can carry out their dutiessafely and efficently has to be a key objective of any member of the supply chain. With the need to limit supply chains, cut costs and provide ever improving value for money to our customers, Hanson Contracting look to the service provided by Trade Associations as evidence of a responsible approach by their members.

Barry McMullen, Director of Operations and Commercial Strategy, Hanson Contracting

Cemex UK endorses any inititives which aim to set, improve and maintain the standards of Health and Safety in the Planing Industry. We fully support the FPC in their commitment to this important area. 

Craig Williamson, Director Construction Services, Cemex UK

I believe that the Federation of Planing Contractors will be an excellent independent resource, providing my business with Safety and Environmental advice and support. This will ensure that I am kept fully informed of issues, which will impact on my business. We are fully behind the organisations aims and objectives and will look forward to working together to ensure safety standards are consistent throughout our industry. 

Barry Jordan, Managing Director, Jordan Road Surfacing Ltd
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What you get. Up to date industry specific information. Access to industry-wide training programmes and active guidance, advice and support. Industry specific business support. Independent voice to champion safety standards.