Safeplane - A recognised industry standard

To demonstrate the FPC's commitment to Best Practice we have developed a Safeplane standard, which will aim to further raise standards across the road planing industry. This standard will only be awarded to those companies who successfully meet the requirements set out by the FPC's independent audit process.

Safeplane - A recognised industry standard

The independent site audit, which will be undertaken at least twice a year, dependant on company size/number of machines, will include checking appropriate manning levels, the presence of relevant skill cards, correct levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), communication, welfare facilities, fire procedures and plant maintenance.

Safeplane at a glance

The new Safeplane standard will set the following consistent requirements.

Click here to view the FPC Best Practice list.

A recognisable, industry-wide standard

As a recognisable symbol for safe working practices, Safeplane will provide clients with the added assurance that they will receive the same high level of service no matter who they employ. Those companies who attain the standard will be provided with authorisation to display the Safeplane logo on letterheads and other company property including their plant and transport. They will also be awarded a Safeplane charter, to be displayed on company premises.

Maintaining standards

The FPC will audit member companies  throughout each year to ensure that standards are consistently adhered to, using a robust system which will encourage the continuous improvement of standards in safety, health, environment and best practice.

Our Aims

  • To ensure the safety off all those involved in the Planing industry.
  • To ensure the planing industry develops and innovates through continuous improvement.
  • To represent FPC members to influence the construction industry and lobby government bodies.
  • To provide support, advice and guidance to the members on Health and Safety, Environmental, Training and procedural matters.
  • To promote the SAFEPLANETM Chartermark as the planing standard throughout the construction industry.

Our Objectives

To provide an effective representation to the construction industry for their members The Federation of Planing Contractors will :-

  1. Ensure that the Federation is fully representational of all UK Planing contractors.
  2. Endorse safe working methods throughout the planing industry.
  3. Promote the SAFEPLANETM Chartermark throughout the whole of the construction industry.
  4. Establish standard procedures and methods for all elements of Planing works.
  5. Seek to be recognised as the promotional body of the planing industry
  6. Provide guidance in areas of health and safety, training and best practice.
  7. Develop training methods and courses for all levels of personnel.
  8. Promote and lobby government bodies on behalf of its members especially in areas of Health and Safety and Sustainability.
  9. Regulate all of its members by regular audit.
  10. Provide a database of information for method statements, risk and COSHH assessments.
  11. Establish an extensive record system collating data for national accident statistics, performance data, market analysis and best practice.
  12. Issuing safety alerts to the whole industry.

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